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High Density Colocation
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Eli D. Scher is the founder of New Continuum Holdings Corporation and serves as its Chairman and CEO. He is an entrepreneur with a broad array of investing and operating experience. Prior to New Continuum, he worked as an analyst at prominent New York hedge funds where he analyzed corporate securities. Previously, Mr. Scher co-founded and served as CEO of GSME Capital Partners, a private, early-stage investment partnership, and GSME Acquisition Partners I, a publicly traded acquisition vehicle. Additionally, he was Chief Financial Officer and director of MCG Group a Shanghai-based LED-advertising company and was the co-founder, President, and CFO of Fundamental Films. Mr. Scher currently serves as CEO of United Internet Exchange a New Continuum JV and serves as Vice Chairman of Open-IX, an Internet industry standards organization.  Mr. Scher also currently serves as a Director of HMMI a manufacturer of large-scale precision steel parts.  Mr. Scher received his AB from Princeton University.

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Justin Osberg has been with New Continuum since 2014 and is responsible for sales, operations, finance, and human resources. He held a number of key leadership positions over his career in the telecommunications and cellular infrastructure industry, specifically in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, start-up businesses, accounting system management and financial planning and analysis. Prior to joining New Continuum, he spent over 15 years at Motorola Solutions in various roles supporting start-up service businesses and business unit divestitures. He was extensively involved in establishing processes and procedures to bring businesses to profitability. He also currently serves as a senior leader in the Illinois Army National Guard, leading over 2100 soldiers and served in Iraq in 2008 and Afghanistan in 2012. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois.

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Steve Delo is the Facilities Engineer of NCDC 603 and is responsible for all electrical, mechanical, and fire systems. He has extensive experience with electrical power generation, distribution, modifications and all related equipment. For the last 15 years prior to joining NCHC Steve provided various electrical and general engineering services to many different mission critical facilities. His customers included multi-tenant data centers as well as fortune 500 companies providing field service, commissioning, training, and ongoing management services. For the last 10 years, he was responsible for the day to day operations of the power systems division of Lionheart Engineering, a Chicago based engineering company delivering critical services 24/7 to customers locally, nationally, and internationally. Steve graduated top in his class from the US Navy’s advanced electronics school and spent many years supporting fighter squadron operations aboard US Navy aircraft carriers in the Arabian Gulf. Steve has an AS in Electronics and Aeronautics and is a FLIR certified LVL 2 thermographer.

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Darrell is a network engineering veteran who brings invaluable experience and expertise developed over his 25 years in the space. He has direct experience in designing and implementing complex networks and early in his career was the co-founder of Ivory Tower Information Systems, the second internet service provider (ISP) in Madison, WI. He was later the primary network architect of Intranet, which acquired Ivory Tower, and assumed senior network leadership roles at Chorus Networks which ultimately acquired Intranet. He has designed and managed network services to organizations serving over 40,000 entities. Mr. Budic also serves as COO of United Internet Exchange, LLC (“United IX”), and a multi-facility peering fabric which has a point of presence in New Continuum’s West Chicago data center.

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Pete is the Senior VP of Business Development and is responsible for building and managing the growth of the Channel Partnerships and Strategic Customer relationships.  Pete is a long time IT and Telecommunications professional, he brings over 20 years of proven sales success and related business acumen from holding various entrepreneurial roles and responsibilities in business development, sales and account management. His breadth of knowledge and expertise spans from his combined experience in wireless telecom,  IT and finance software and professional services, as well as network telecommunications,  hardware infrastructure, data center, colocation, and managed services deployment.  Most recently, Pete spent over 7 combined years with the company that is now Windstream Communications, overseeing the direct equipment sales management in the Midwestern Regional market for the Integrated Solutions Group division of the company.  In his free time, Pete is active in the lives of his wife and four children, enjoying many outdoor recreational activities and hobbies, coaching, and volunteering his time and energy with helping others through his local church.